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Rekindle is an attempt to consolidate all the modalities into empowering people to bring about shift in their life situations with help of consciousness and awareness. The prime motive of REKINDLE is to help people recognize their true essence and the true power within them. We are committed to create a strong and continuous improvements in human performance even in their day-to-day life. We customize programs that are specially designed to build and sustain the skills and behaviour that are essential to your business and personal success in life. We deliver high impact and powerful reinforcement services by understanding one’s life.

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Its a belief in the divine relationship between a number & one ore more coinciding events.

Tarot card readings

They are commonly used to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding one & all.

runes stone casting

They are fascinating ancient symbols that can be used for divinatory purposes.

Akashic Readings

This will provide all information and understanding so one can take appropriate action to bring change in one's life.

psychic Surgery

It is performed through the mind and spirit of healers. In a visionary experience and its a holy spirit and power.

usui reiki

It is the usui system of reiki healing and originated from japan. It means universal life energy.

Auto writings

Auto writings words purportedly arise from a subconscious spiritual and super natural source.

Professional and experienced 

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May Bring An Extra Dose Of Good Luck

Rekindle brings good fortune, wealth and prosperity in life.

Know & Develop Yourself Better

Rekindle will improve you to grow and to become better.

Creates Positives Changes

Rekindle will create positive changes in life.

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